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Beat the End is a survival and prepper blog that strives to give you the most interesting, up to date, and useful information on the topic.  We try and update the site as much as possible.  With all of the things going on in the world it is good to be prepared and to feel safe and secure even in an economic, social, or natural disaster.  Our goal is to get you the information and knowledge that may one day save your life. I have now started the politics portion of the site at Beattheend.com/politics.  I am a Conservative Minarchist Libertarian who is very concerned with natural negative rights and freedom.  If you don’t know much about libertarianism and liberty definitely take a look at this part of the website.

About Me

/My name is Josh.  I am the owner of Beattheend.com.  I live in the mountains of Arizona.  I am an avid outdoors Enthusiast.  I have hunted, fished, hiked, camped, and dirt-biked since I was very young.  I also have always been into to fixing and building things which is a big part in becoming self sufficient.  Recently I have gotten very interested in prepping as I see the economic situation our world is in.  I also am married (February 23, 2013) to my beautiful Wife Megan who is also the editor of Beattheend.com. Although preppers and survivalists can get a bad name I am just a normal person who has found value in being prepared for any situation.

Two of my favorite hobbies are computers and the outdoors.  So naturally I have built this blog as a hobby that I hope will benefit you, the reader.  I thoroughly research all topics that I have posted information about,  and much of the information comes from my own experiences.  I hope that the information I have posted will benefit you and can help you in all aspects of survival.  If you feel something I have posted is incorrect please inform me and I will address the issue.

If you have something you would like to discuss or just a question, email me at admin@beattheend.com or just go to our contact page to fill out our comment form.