Great Time at the Arizona Survivalist/Prepper Expo


Survivalist Expo

On Saturday March 30th my wife Megan and I had the pleasure of attending the AZ Survivalist/Prepper Expo. It was great to meet all the vendors and look at all the cool survival products and services that these companies brought to the table.  One of the things that I thought was amazing was the diverse types of people that were there.  The survivalist community many times gets stereotyped as a bunch of gun toting, white redneck hillbillies.  This expo totally turned that notion on its head.  There were many different ethnicities and races as well as  young people to the elderly.  It is good that people are finally waking up and seeing how great it is to be prepared and to be self sufficient.  There were many speakers that unfortunately we did not get to see, but seemed like they would have been very educational.  There were many more people and vendors than I expected.

I wanted to thank some of the people we met at the expo.

First off you have to check out Video Preppers.  This is the ultimate video database for anything prepper and survival related.  It is a Youtube for preppers.  There are so many great how to videos to learn from.

Video Preppers

I was also able to chat with Tim the owner of the Common Sense Preparedness Digital Radio Program.  This is a really cool program that is heard by many people on many different outlets. They discuss everything from first aid to how to shutoff home utilities.  So go on over to common sense preparedness and listen to their radio show.  Hopefully at some point I may be able to do an interview with them.

Common Sense Preparedness

I got to talk to the guys over at Independence Training.  They offer mostly firearms and defense training, but they also offer medical and emergency prep courses.  I am hoping to take a handgun/CCW class from Independence training.  If you want to get your CCW Permit, want to learn gun safety or first aid  in Arizona talk to these guys.

Independence Training

If you are in Arizona and missed the Survivalist/Prepper Expo, don’t worry.  On April 26-28 Prepperfest AZ is taking place at the Scottsdale 101 Shopping Center.  Below is a picture of the flyer for Prepperfest AZ.


Prepperfest AZ


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