Best Survival Gun, Is there really one?


Best survival gun

best survival gun

There is always a lot of debate about which is the best survival gun. The gist of it is, the best survival gun is the one that will get the job done. Each gun has its own purpose, so really the best survival gun depends almost entirely on the situation or what it is being used for. I do believe that there are a couple types of guns that each household will want to have when a disaster comes or when they need to beat the end. There are also other circumstances to remember when trying to find the best survival gun (or guns) for yourself and your family.

The three types of guns that are probably the most important for a survival situation are: a rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol. Each gun has its own purposes, advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important tip to remember is: even with the best survival gun for the situation, not knowing how to use it makes it worthless. Once you have decided on the survival gun that best suits your needs, get out there and actually fire it. You may say “I have shot a gun a few times so I know how to use them.” While this may be true, a life and death situation can take you out of your element.

There are two reasons to practice shooting: so you will get comfortable with the gun you will be using and to increase your accuracy. By taking these two things out of the equation, you will be able to focus on the situation rather than not being able to use your weapon correctly if a life or death situation were to arise. Some guns are also more accurate than others, so firing and sighting in your survival gun is very important. Most cities have firing ranges that can be used for a small fee or, depending on the law in your area, you may be able to get away from homes and target shoot. A hunter’s (or gun) safety course should be a must for you if you have no experience with guns or if you have children who will be learning to shoot. You will pay a small fee (sometimes free) to take the class and you will be taught some valuable information about gun safety and how guns work. They will even take you to a range to shoot your gun and give you hands on training. The classes are usually sponsored by the Game and Fish Department of your state. On a side note, you do not have to be a hunter to take these courses, but some states do require minors to take these courses in order to be able to hunt.


In a situation where a long range gun is necessary, a rifle will be the best survival gun for you. There are almost a limitless amount of rifles on the market and can be broken down into specific categories with many calibers of ammunition. I will just go over a few calibers and types in this post. If you were small game hunting or have a child you are teaching, a .22 is probably the best option. There are many different brands that make this caliber rifle. A .22 caliber rifle is a very small caliber so there will be very little recoil; the ammunition is cheap and is usually quite accurate up to 100 yards maximum. A good survival gun for hunting big game can really depend on preference and type of big game. For a deer or antelope, you will probably be fine with a .243 or a 30-30, but if you are hunting for elk, bear or moose, a 7mm magnum, .30-06 or a 300 win mag can be the best survival gun. Many times hunting rifles are bolt action style guns. If you are worried about protecting your family from a thief or trouble, the best survival gun may be what the US has termed an “assault weapon”. They are normally military “looking” weapons that are semi automatic and have a removable magazine. The benefits of these types of rifles are that you can get a lot of bullets flying very quickly (not always accurately though), magazines can be already loaded with ammunition so there is a quick reload, and some believe the look of these guns can be intimidating (at least that’s what some in the government believe). The most common of these guns are the AR-15 (.223 or 5.56x45mm) and the AK-47 (7.62x39mm and many other calibers with all the variants being made).


A shotgun can be the best survival gun for you if you are looking to bird hunt or just need close range protection. With shotguns, ammunition is designated by gauge (other than the .410 shotgun). Shotgun ammunition is quite different from rifle or pistol ammunition. Shotgun ammunition has many pieces of shot (basically a small ball bearing) that are shot simultaneously. This allows the shooter to kill something without having to be 100% accurate as the shot will spread out (slugs are also made, which are similar to rifle ammunition as it fires only one projectile). The most common gauges of shotguns are the 12 gauge and the 20 gauge. The 12 gauge may be the best survival gun because it is very versatile as it can be used for bird hunting (including turkey), as well as bigger game. The .410 (equivalent to a 67- 68 gauge) is probably the best survival shotgun for children and people who would like less of a kick. It
is not as loud, is usually smaller, but does have much less power.


Personally, I am more of a rifle and shotgun guy, but do have some pistols and definitely understand the value of them. Pistols are fantastic in short range combat, but most all lack the amount of power found in a rifle or pistol. The reasons that a pistol may be the best survival gun for you is that it is very easy to conceal, quick to pull up and shoot and they are also quite light. The three main calibers of pistol that are most relevant to the survival discussion are the 9mm, .40 S&W and the .45 ACP. They are in order from least to most powerful and least to most expensive for ammunition. These three calibers always spark a debate. For some people the ammo power is most important for others it is amount of kick or price that is the deciding factor. I leave this up to you to figure out what you prefer, but I definitely think you should test all three before making a decision. There are also .22 pistols which can be handy
for hunting small game, but really not for protection. Although, maybe not the best survival gun, I love the Colt Trooper MK V .357 magnum. This is a six shooter revolver and is my favorite pistol to shoot. There’s nothing like being back in the old west.

As you can see there is really no best survival gun. Ideally you should have many different types of guns that will accomplish the jobs you need to perform. I believe you will want to have at least one .22 rifle, one high powered rifle, one semi-automatic “assault” rifle, one shotgun, and one to two pistols. This should be the bare minimum of your survival arsenal if you are preparing for the end of the world as we know it. Don’t forget to have plenty of ammo.

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3 Responses to Best Survival Gun, Is there really one?

  1. Krzysztof says:

    I lived in South Dakota for 14 years and passed by bfauflo on the way to town nearly every day. Hunting them with a modern center fire rifle on foot is mostly only a challenge if they calving or if you are hunting during the often brutal winters. Truthfully the bfauflo is a very large animal and they can be very aggressive if given the opportunity. But they are not that hard to put down because you can generally have very precise shot placement. I’ve seen dozens go down with a single shot from a .243. That would not be my choice but it works. A 30-06 is plenty enough rifle for bison. Select the right bullet, a controlled expansion round that will penetrate deep and pick your shots. Shot placement is more important that caliber. I’d much rather see you shoot a smaller caliber that you can shoot well rather than a larger caliber you don’t shoot so well.Today’s high tech hunting ammo will easily get the job done if you do your part. Distances are normally short and shots are normally not rushed. Oddly while on a 4 wheeler or a tractor bfauflo will ignore you unless you get within spitting distance, but on foot they seem to have a very different attitude about humans and it is not all that pleasant. Yet I fully believe that the 30-06 will get the job done.Good luck.

    • Hugo says:

      Where I live asking soonmee if they own a gun would get a “yes” about as often as asking them if they owned a car. The truth that when secnds count the police are ony minutes away is quite obviouis in rural America.I bought my first pistol a few weeks ago, primarily for home protection and to carry on walks and bicycle rides. You never know what kind of animals my pop out of the woods. Bears and mountain lions have been reported in my county. I’ve seen a bobcat on my back porch and in my front yard. Plus a wild dog or coyote is always a possibilty.As for doctors, my doctor made enough mistakes in my treatment for me to go elsewhere. Simple stuff like incorrectly running glucose test and such. We could save a lot of lives if doctors policed themselves better.I think I’ll use Trey’s response if asked. I keep my gun unloaded but the clip and gun within reach of each other.

  2. Ruth says:

    I’m so glad I dropped in to review this today! I’m unsure if I disagree with
    any of it really … effectively said!

    I’ll join your RSS feed and bookmark your website so I could come back to read even more. Thank you a lot!

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