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Guest Post

Important Bug Out Bag Items that Should Be Present During Survival Times

While in a vast majority of cases, it would be ideal to survive disasters in one’s residence, there may be times when certain individuals need to leave their neighbourhood and community. This is because earthquakes, flooding, fires, hurricanes, and other calamities can make one’s community simply inadequate for living. During these situations, a bug out bag can play a very crucial role.

What is a Bug out Bag?

In simple terms, a bug out bag is a handy and compact bag that comprises of survival items that might be necessary in times of turmoil. Generally, the said bag needs to be very light enough to be carried for extended periods and at the same time large enough to contain a substantial amount of essential items. By planning ahead of time, any survival situation can be a lot easier since the said commodity has everything that is needed is at hand.

What does a Bug out Bag contain?

A bug out bag list is usually long and contains all kinds of stuff that basically depend on the owner’s preference. Below are some of the most imperative items.

  • Camp axe and/or survival knife – These accessories quite handy when it comes to cutting down young trees for firewood or for shelter.
  • Compass – Getting lost is a possibility when camping out and for this reason, it would be best to include a compass on one’s bug out bag list.
  • Duct tape – A duct tape can go a long way in terms of survival situations because it can fix a myriad of busted things.
  • Emergency whistle – An emergency whistle can be used to call the attention of rescue personnel during emergency or survival situations.
  • Energy bars of high-calorie food – Energy bars or high calorie foods like jerky, dried fruits, and dried vegetables, among others.
  • Solar powered or hand crank radio – Such communications equipment do not require batteries to function as such, users can have instant access to current events, weather reports, evacuation routes, and other important information.
  • Map – While a GPS receiver can be quite handy during survival situations, an old-fashioned map can do wonders during survival situations, especially when any power source is not available.
  • Multivitamins – Survivors cannot get all the necessary nutrients that they need from carried food sources or from rations that will be provided by the government. For this reason, proper supplementation from multivitamins can be consumed to help maintain proper energy levels and fully functional immune systems.
  • Para cord – Also known as parachute cord, this lightweight rope can be used to secure traps, make clothes lines, stabilize a tent, and a myriad of other things.
  • Survival guide book – Everything that survivors need to resolve from cooking food, getting rescued and building shelter can be known from this reading material. Alternatively, interested individuals can checkout websites and print out useful articles.
  • Micro filter and/or chlorine capsules – A water filter and/or chlorine capsules can be essential during times where drinkable water is not available.
  • Waterproof case or re-sealable storage bag – Survivors certainly want to keep their money, mobile phones (and other communication equipment), passports, and other small yet important items dry and safe.


All in all, a well-prepared bug out bag can go a very long way during survival situations. To achieve this, interested individuals need to have abug out bag list. This is important because some essential items can be overlooked during the preparation stage.

By having a well-prepared and well-conceptualized bug out bag list, anyone can survive distressing situations and take care of their loved ones during the said circumstances. Simply put, such commodity can go a very long way in terms of fostering security and stability during emergency times.


Author Bio: Kylie Elcano is a big fan of bug out bag. She’s into survival topics, tips, and guides. She love’s watching apocalyptic movie theme and series like The Book of Eli and The Walking Dead.

I will be posting a more in depth follow up post with more supplies for your bug out bag.

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