How to Build a Rocket Stove From Trash

Rocket Stove

What is a rocket stove?

Rocket Stove

A rocket stove is basically a wood fire enclosure that directs the heat and fire to the pot or skillet that is on top of the stove.  By the name it sounds high tech and fancy but wood rocket stoves are actually quite simple in design and simple to make. Knowing how to used alternative cooking methods will be extremely important in a TEOTWAWKI situation as your propane and butane will run out at some point, but in most places wood will still be quite prevalent. The stove I made in these videos was just made from a standard soup can and a small vienna sausage can that had both been in the fire pit at our camp.  The video is a bit long so you may want to browse through it, but it shows you that I came up with this on a whim and was using what I had not what I needed.  The quality is also not so good so I apologize for that.


There are many different kinds of rocket stoves.  The one above is one of the more common and popular rocket solo stoves on the market.  It will most likely be easier to use because of its larger size and it has many great ports to keep oxygen coming in.  Some of the stoves can be very elaborate with oxygen adjustments which increases or decreases the heat output.  The main problem I found with the stove originally was that there wasn’t enough oxygen as I didn’t have enough ports. The second video shows how I made just  a small upgrade by adding some more oxygen port holes.

Upgrades to the Rocket Stove

There are a few upgrades I would have made to the rocket stove, but really didn’t think of till after the video was made.  I would have  a couple port holes on the bottom to get more oxygen which would keep the fire burning easier.  I also would probably have opened the bottom up to make an easier clean out location. The only problem with this idea is that you wouldn’t be able to move the rocket stove without the fire going out.  So putting the rocket stove onto a rock or some non flammable flat surface will be necessary.

The final thing I would have liked to be able to do is make a bigger rocket stove.  I think a larger coffee can and a regular size can for the loading area would help.  It seemed that a bigger can would have allowed for a bigger flame, it would have heated more of the pan, and would have burned longer.  This is the main reason you see most of the rocket stoves to buy are bigger than a small can.

As I try to stress knowledge is the most important asset a prepper has.  Being able to improvise because we have the knowledge to do so may be  the difference between life and death in a sticky situation.  Also knowing how to use your gear is important, so remember to practice with your gear even if it is a homemade stove.

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