What is the Difference Between Body Armor and Flak Vests?


Body Armor vs. Flak Vest

armor-greenIn military combat, it’s always been crucial to have the proper protective gear on the body. Through the years, protective gear has advanced and evolved to better protect militants. As some of the first tools of defense for militants, there was the use of flak vests or jackets. These were very popular throughout the World War 2 era.

The Original Flak Vest

Traditionally, flak vest were worn by airmen to protect from a range of dangers, including: airborne shrapnel and case fragments from high explosives, grenades, land mines, and low velocity projectiles. These vests are not normally bulletproof, although some of the more current ones can sustain bullet attacks depending on the gun caliber and distance the bullet travels.

The early flak vests were bulky and heavy, therefore they were not used by ground troops and were more suited for the aircrew. A flak vest originally was just made of simple nylon material with steel plates sewn inside of it. Some of them featured pockets in which armour plates can be inserted. They would later become more advanced and be made of Kevlar or Spectra materials. Nowadays, the flak vest and jackets still have pockets for armour plates, but they’re usually made of ceramic rather than the steel. This allows the more improved flak vests to have better bullet-repelling capabilities.

Wearing the Right Body Armor

Although flak vests and jackets can technically be called body armor, they’re not exactly the same as a bullet proof vest. Bullet proof vest are concentrated solely on preventing bullet penetration. Flak vests and jackets do have bullet repelling characteristics, but they’re primary purpose is to dispel heat, harmful fragments and low power projectiles. A lot of them will not stop a bullet from penetrating unless they have armor plates inserted inside. A bullet proof vest does not have compartments for armor plates. It’s body armor that is designed with the idea of being more compact.

Bullet proof vest are routinely worn by law enforcement, security personnel, some military personnel, and generally people who feel the need to protect themselves. Bullet Proof Vests are easier to get hold of and are readily available online from websites such as www.safeguardclothing.com, Whereas Flak vests and jackets are exclusively worn by military airmen. Flak vests are traditionally more bulky and heavier than a bullet proof vest, so flak vests will not be worn by someone who is going to be on the constant move.

If you’re an individual who is in need of some sort of body armor, a bullet proof vest or backpack would be the best way to go. A flak vest is body armor for specialized purposes only.

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