EDC: Everyday Carry, What to Carry and Why!


EDC is simply short for Everyday Carry.  It refers to the things you have on you or in your pockets at all times.  As preppers we usually seem to have a few more things we carry than many other people.  This is a picture of the normal things I carry all the time.

This is what I carry:

  • Smith & Wesson Shield 9MM with an 8 round mag with extended grip in it
  • Desantis Nemesis Conceal Carry Pocket holster that I tuck inside the waistband
  • Extra 7 round standard Magazine that I keep in my pocket
  • Chapstick (Good for chapped lips but could be used to help start a fire)
  • KA-BAR Limited Edition XVI Folding Pocket Knife (Cheapie but good)
  • Samsung Galaxy Stellar Smartphone
  • Arizona Cardinals Leather Wallet (Always keep my hunting license, CCW, and multi-function wallet survival tool (free at that link) among other things)
  • Keys with a bottle opener and small all in one tool (kind of like a leatherman)

Things to consider when choosing your EDC items

Your EDC really should fit your lifestyle and the normal things you do. As a person who has a desk job that is within ten miles from my home what I keep in my pockets works for me.  If you drive your vehicle every day you may also want to have a get home bag in it which I have discussed in this article.  What we carry may also depend on our work and where we live.  Many employees are not allowed to carry guns and some other states do not allow it as well.

For a person that is going hiking every day or for a person that is out in the wilderness all of the time having a more extensive arsenal of everyday carry items is more likely.  Another thing to consider is what you wear every day.  If you are able to wear cargo pants or shorts every day you will be able to carry more.  Also if you carry a side bag or a backpack it makes it easier to have more tools at your disposal.

Here are some other things I would carry if I were to be in the wilderness every day or at a job that takes me far away.

  • Small LED Flashlight (These are now pretty cheap, bright, small and can go for a long time on one battery)
  • Pocket IFAK (I have written an article about a full size IFAK (individual first aid kit), but I will do a future article regarding pocket IFAKS.  A Pocket IFAK would consist of a TK4 Tourniquet, 4” Israeli Bandage, H & H Gauze, Tube of wound seal powder, and a chest seal if it fits.  All this stuff is put in a plastic bag then wrapped with medical duct tape which will make it smaller as well as giving you some useable tape.) This works well in a cargo pocket.
  • Pocket or Altoid Tin Survival Kit (There are pre-built ones, but you can make your own. If you get one or make your own make sure it has water purification(normally water purification tablets), something to start fires if you don’t normally carry a lighter (water proof matches or lighter), small fishing kit if you are by water(these can be used for other things also), compass (if you don’t have one on a survival bracelet), wire saw, space blanket (if you can get it to fit), medical stuff if you don’t have a pocket IFAK, and whatever little things you think you need.)
  • Lighter– Even if you don’t smoke this could come in handy.
  • Survival Bracelet– These days survival bracelets can have all kinds of stuff.  First you always have the paracord which can come in handy.  Then you can get some with whistles, compasses, watches, firesteel, fire starting tinder, and even handcuff keys.
  • Mini Phone Charger– There is a few different kinds but it is basically a battery, but they are about the size of a small flashlight.
  • Pen- You never know when you will have to write something down.
  • Survival Paracord Belt– This is just like the bracelet but it is made into a belt so you have a lot more paracord.  I guess if you use it you will have to keep a small amount so you can keep your pants up.

Like I said these are only suggestions, but some of the items may help you be more prepared and could possibly save your life. Check out this link to get more in depth information on building the ultimate EDC kit.  Please leave comments with what you have as EDC or more suggestions you can think of.  You can also send me a picture of your EDC if you think it is cool or different and I will post them in this article.

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I am Josh the owner of Beat The End. I am a prepper and trying to be more self sufficient. The most likely thing I am preparing for is an economic meltdown/civil unrest. I am a hunter, fisherman and outdoors man. I have also made a part of the website to explain and inform to my readers the importance of liberty and freedom and libertarianism. If you would like to see the political part of the site please go to beattheend.com/politics.

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One Response to EDC: Everyday Carry, What to Carry and Why!

  1. rick says:

    since I quit smoking many years ago I have gotten away from carrying a lighter or matches. I have to retrain myself to carry at least a mini bic in my pocket at all times.

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