Freedom and Liberty is all in the Perception


Freedom and Liberty is all in the Perception

Liberty & Freedom

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Lately I have really been thinking about and focusing on freedom and liberty and how it is an integral part of being a prepper.  In one of our last posts it talks about how little by little things happen that should trigger us to be more aware, but there are many times when people are still blind to signs.  Then the big thing happens and it is too late to get prepared and people are left wondering why they didn’t know it was coming.  Usually the signs are there we just don’t see them.

So this leads me to a fantastic video I saw.  Michael Malice talks about how he decided to write an “autobiography” of Kim Jong Il.  It is more of a look at how ridiculous the regime and the beliefs of the North Korean government and Kim Jong Il are.  Normally when we had heard about Kim Jong Il you see this little short goofy guy and he is just about laughable, but when you really look at how oppressive of a regime and country that North Korea is it actually should sadden you.

There are many terrible things he talks about in the video, but to the people many of the things just seem so normal and their perception of normal is much different from our perception of normal life and what a government should do.  What really struck me is that normalcy is all about perception.  We may feel that the government telling us how to cut our hair is just silly and would never happen, but in North Korea it is normal for the people. There were only 18 acceptable women’s haircuts and there are 10 acceptable men’s haircuts.  One thing that is also talked about in the video is how they have required criticism sessions; this means that as a community once a week they must come together and say the bad things the individual had done in the week and the bad things they had seen others do.  This means that not only were they taught to be snitches, but they are also taught that the only perfect person is their leader.  This type of brain washing makes the people think that the government is their ruler and that it is essentially all knowing.

We live in a great country, but it seems as if some of our rights and freedoms are eroded.  Would the founders of our country see the US as we perceive North Korea? It is an interesting question and for many people the way the US is now is normal and we feel like we have our rights intact. But like I said is this what the founders really had foreseen for this country.  Would they be okay with the power the federal government has and uses daily?  The government has created so many different things like the EPA, ATF, NSA, and the many other agencies among other things that don’t seem to be in the Constitution as a federal government duty.  We also see things like the new common core standards that many believe is a brain washing of children to believe the government is the provider rather than themselves or a deity they believe in.

As we see in every country, the less economic and social freedom the people have the more likely the people are to be starving or not have enough as the government is in control of the food supply and can ration the food as they see fit. There are a few things we can do we must be vigilant to vote for those who will help to bring about more freedom and liberty(As helot said in the comments there may not be anybody even worthy and many times we vote for the best of the worst and the most narcissistic).  The other thing is to be a sheepdog, try to not only protect the people but also to inform them of what is going on so more people will be standing with freedom and liberty.  Assert your rights, make sure to use them before you lose them as well as stand up for those whose rights are being trampled.  Also make sure you prepare so if there really is nothing that can be done that you are able to sustain yourself and your family and maybe even help others.  As I have said before it is normally not one huge thing that happens that forces us to use our preps, but rather many little things and finally the last one is the straw that breaks the camel’s back(unless you are prepared for a natural disaster then it is just one big event).  While it is good to be prepared it is something I never want to have to use. When the time comes that we actually must use our preps this is the time when things have already gotten bad. But as the old saying goes (usually just for guns but it fits all your preps and food storage) it is better to have it and not need it then need it but not have it.  Don’t be discouraged and complacent in your prepping because nothing has happened the more prepared we are the better for everybody if and when that time comes that we are really on our own.

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I am Josh the owner of Beat The End. I am a prepper and trying to be more self sufficient. The most likely thing I am preparing for is an economic meltdown/civil unrest. I am a hunter, fisherman and outdoors man. I have also made a part of the website to explain and inform to my readers the importance of liberty and freedom and libertarianism. If you would like to see the political part of the site please go to

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2 Responses to Freedom and Liberty is all in the Perception

  1. Helot says:

    Interesting article, and thanks for presenting the video.
    However; “So we must be vigilant to vote for those who will help to bring about more freedom and liberty.”

    That might be/is a vain task. If you do so, you might even be encouraging the bas….
    Scum rises to the top, and the top is all we have to choose from.
    It’s set-up that way, don’tchya know?

    All there is left to us is to Opt Out.

    • Josh Collier says:

      I do agree Helot it probably is in vain. I probably could of added a few more things to it and I will do that right now. Usually we vote for the best of the worst. Every now and then a decent candidate comes as long as he is not corrupted by the power in Washington.
      Thanks for the comment!

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