Get Home Bag, What is it and What should it Contain?

Get home bag

get home bagPicture this: you are at work, 15 miles from your home, without a get home bag. Your boss informs you that there have been multiple terrorist attacks in a city quite close to your location and that there has even been a wide range EMP (electromagnetic pulse). He tells everybody that they should go home and be with their families until things calm down. At this point you go out to your vehicle to try and drive home, but the EMP has damaged your vehicle’s computer, making it unusable. At this point your only option is to bike or walk home. Without a get home bag, you really have nothing to aide yourself in your return home. So, what is this bag?

A get home bag is a bag of supplies that stays with you when you are away from home. It contains supplies that will help you get back to your home, in case of an emergency. You may have the best retreat for a disaster instance, but if you are not able to get there it will be of no help.

Now the next question should be: where will the bag be kept? Most of the time the best place for the bag is in your vehicle, but this would require that your vehicle is easily accessible. If you work in a skyscraper in New York, a better option may be to have your bag in your office as your vehicle may be difficult to get to in a crisis situation. Depending on the size of your get home bag, you may be able to use a briefcase or something inconspicuous to carry the supplies. The most important thing is that you keep your get home bag somewhere easily accessible.

The contents of your get home bag may vary from person to person. The contents are dependent on your own situation. I will give you some ideas, but keep in mind that your circumstances will determine the contents of your get home bag. The circumstances could depend on the weather, the distance from your location to your home, what you are wearing during the crisis situation, how much you can carry, and your own personal preferences.

Here is a list of items that should start your get home bag:

Winter Get Home Bag

• Backpack or any other type of bag that is easy to carry to carry all of your necessities
• Warm shoes or boots that can be easy to walk in (this is very important if you wear dress shoes to work) to protect your feet during unpredictable and/or cold weather
• Full water bottles to keep yourself hydrated
• Poncho/rain jacket and warm jacket to keep yourself warm and dry
• Matches (preferably waterproof and strike anywhere) to start a fire to keep yourself warm and to heat up food
• Hand warmers to warm your hands when you begin to get cold
• Knife, not only for protection, but also for many other various necessities
• Small foldable shovel for digging yourself or vehicle out of the snow
• Spare, charged cell phone battery in case you need to utilize your cell phone for emergency purposes
• Protein or survival bars for a high amount of protein in a small amount of time
• 50 foot of paracord for making shelter, among other various uses
• Warm hat or beanie to help keep you warm
• Flashlight to use when you have no other light source

Summer Get Home Bag

• Backpack or bag that is easy to carry
• Full water bottles
• Poncho
• Comfortable shoes to walk in
• Matches
• Knife
• Small foldable shovel
• Spare, charged cell phone battery
• Protein or survival bars
• 50 foot of paracord
• Sunscreen
• Insect repellant
• Flashlight

Your get home bag should fit your needs, so there may be some additions or subtractions to the lists. If you have enough room in your vehicle, a bike may also come in handy. The last thing to remember is that you should update the get home bag if your circumstances change.

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