Herbs and Natural Remedies for Prepping


As a prepper it is beneficial to be a well rounded person because when a teotwawki scenario does come the more skills you have the better suited you will be to live through the changes and the tough times.  If you only have knowledge of the security side of prepping you may not do well as you may know nothing about food storage, water collection, first aid and other areas of survival.  One of the most valuable skills you can have while preparing is the ability to know that you are not an expert on everything.  Being able to set aside your pride and learn from anyone is extremely important.  While I have done a little gardening, being able to use some of the things you grow to your first aid and medical advantage is something I really have zero experience with and hadn’t thought much of. That is why I have gotten some help on this topic.

So this article gives some of the benefits of herbs and how they can be used as natural remedies.  This information comes from someone I believe is very skilled in this field, has an immense knowledge of home remedies and uses them everyday.  He is Herbal Survivalist and is the writer for Herbalsurvival .blogspot.com. He has 40 years experience with traditional herbal medicines.  Check out his site for some information you don’t normally get from the regular survival site.  Below is some great information that he let me use.  They are short and sweet, but he has much more info and his site and youtube channel.

Anti-Viral Herbs 

Garlic:  This herb has powerful antiviral properties and can be taken raw, as a tincture, and as a supplement. it is also good for inflammation.

Ginger: This herb is good for the digestive system and is good for nausea, motion sickness. It is also a powerful antiviral herb making it an excellent choice for colds, flus, bronchitis and even pneumonia. It can be taken as a tea, tincture, supplement or even in a vapor bath which will help open up congested nasal passages, due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

Astragulas: This herb is great for rebuilding the immune system and also has antiviral properties. It can be taken as a tea, tincture or supplement.

Peppermint: This herb also works well when you have headaches. A bit of diluted essential oil rubbed on the temples will help a simple headache or migraine headache. It to has antiviral properties and can be taken as a tea, tincture, supplement or externally when using a essential oil.

Myrrh: This herb has been used for thousands of years for its strong anti-septic properties it also has antiviral properties. It has both antiseptic and anti-viral properties which are powerful especially when taken orally.

Licorice: This herb has anti-inflammatory properties and also helps rebuild the cell walls of the Kidney, Liver, and gall bladder. In addition it has antiviral properties and is used for sore throats with colds and flus.

Echinacea: It is both a natural anti-bacterial, antibiotic and has some anti-viral properties and is mainly used to enhance the immune system when used internally. This herb can be used externally to treat staph and bacterial infections. It can be taken as a tea, infusion, concoction, tincture or supplemental pill form.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is antimicrobial and a natural anti-septic it is also has anti-inflammatory properties and it is said to help balance Sugar Levels. This herb due to its powerful natural antiseptic properties has anti-viral properties and it is an excellent choice for fighting viruses internally as well as externally. This can be taken as a tea, Tincture or supplement.  Note: Too much of this herb can cause photo sensitivity or irritation to the skin for those who have sensitive skin.

Oregano: This is both antibiotic and anti-viral and packs a powerful punch against both viral and bacterial infections when used internally and externally This can be taken by ADULTS  CAREFULLY and under close supervision of a doctor if needed by children REMEMBER with Oregano “A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY”.  It can be taken as a tea, infusion, concoction, tincture or diluted essential oil 1 drop of pure uncut oil to 2 oz. of carrier oil ( olive or grape seed oil)

Anti Viral Juices:

Apple: If taken immediately after juiced has anti-viral properties effective to fight a viral infection.

Lemon: Its high levels of vitamin C and anti-viral properties make it a potent drink to fight viral infections.

Lime:Its high levels of vitamin C and anti-viral properties make it a potent drink to fight viral infections. but shown not fully effective against E-Coli virus

Carrot: Carrots are a powerful rejuvenator of the Liver and due to its ability to aid and enhance the immune system will help with some viral infections. Also note this juice is high in beta carotene, and vitamins A, C, D and can also act as a mild laxative thus aiding more consistent and healthier Bowel Movement(s)

Cranberry: this fruit has anti-inflammatory properties and aids specifically the pancreas and gall bladder and is strong against urinary tract infections.

Below is one of the videos Nick at Herbal Survivalist made.  It is something I didn’t know how to do so you learn something new everyday. Check out his youtube page that he has been regularly making new videos for at https://www.youtube.com/user/ncarlucci63.


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