Will Keeping your Home Safe be the Same After TEOTWAWKI?

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What are some things you should do to make sure your home is more safe and that it will be locked down during or before a break in or in a TEOTWAWKI scenario?  Here is a great article from Preppers Survive and a very cool info graphic.  Below the infographic are some of my thoughts on this article and how things may be different during TEOTWAWKI.

You shouldn’t wait for crime to show up on your doorstep before you consider how vulnerable your home is. It is always a good idea to take precautions and research the security issues your home may have in order to protect your loved ones. We can’t all afford a fortress, but there are things we can do to make our homes more secure. Don’t wait for a worst case scenario, start preparing with quick & easy home defense ideas. Click here to view DISCLAIMER

Home Defense

1. Exterior doors should be made of a solid material such as wood or metal, a dead-bolt, a lock on the door knob, and a Double Strike Plate with 3-inch long screws so there are no weak points if someone attempts to kick the door down.

2. Rekey or replace your locks. When you move into a new property or lose a key, your home needs to be rekeyed. When we moved into our home there were quite a few people that had a key to our house. The previous owner, the Realtor, the owner’s attorney, the neighbor, and goodness knows who else. It cost $75 dollars to have all exterior door rekeyed and it provided a great deal of peace of mind.

3. Place a security sign by the exterior doors. Make your home less appealing to criminals by advertising that you have a home security system (whether you have a system or not). If your home looks like it is monitored by a security company and your neighbor’s home is not, criminals will tend to go for the easier target.

4. Protect your windows with Safety Film. Safety Film can slow down access for break-in attempts. In the event a window is broken Safety Film holds glass together instead of allowing the glass to shatter.

5. Add security stickers to your windows. Whether you have an alarm or not you can buy stickers that claim your home is being monitored by a security company.
To view the last 5 steps including how to get a free security camera click here. Also check the link out because you will find out how to make homemade pepper spray, homemade pipe bombs and how to use Caltrop tire puncturing devices.

Article continues after infographic!

home invasion

Courtesy of: ImprovementCenter.com

Thoughts from Beat The End

While most of these things in the article are very good before a TEOTWAWKI scenario there are some things to keep in mind if this scenario ever came.

1. Criminals and people trying to steal your stuff may start totally disregarding your home security systems and other electronic deterrents for two reasons.

  • There may be no power to be able to work them and they may not actually be working or monitored because of this.
  • At this point cops may not be responding to crimes or there may be no police force.

So definitely while these are good to have don’t think of them as the end all for home defense.

2. Guns is a given whether you like them or not out of necessity you will probably need to have one and even carry one.  So get prepared and at least get one firearm that you feel fits you best for protection.

3. If you have neighbors a neighborhood watch and security patrols is going to be one of the most important things to deter people who want your stuff.  Knowing your neighbors(especially those who are of like mind and are prepared) will help you band together and keep threats away from the neighborhood.

4.  Depending on the situation it may not be a good idea to have a home that looks like a fortress.  This may actually attract those who have left all common sense at the time of TEOTWAWKI as they will believe you have stuff worth protecting.  It may be in some situations a good idea to even rip off doors and make the home look like it has already been ransacked as looters may pass the home up due to them not thinking there is anything of value.  In some instances it will be better to make the home look occupied as it may keep away drifters.  This could be very difficult to assess, but making the home look ransacked may be a good idea if you know there is a large band of looters on the way that you will not be able to keep away with gun fire or the help of neighbors.  It is more a last ditch effort.

5.  In a TEOTWAWKI scenario bugging out may be the best solution.  So make some plans for this if worst comes to worst.

6.  Lights could possibly be worse if power is out.  This may draw attention to your home just like having a fortress.  Looters may believe you have generators, gas, solar or wind that they may really want.  This kind of goes with the next tip.

7. Opsec will become very important.  This is essentially is making sure people don’t know what you have as to become a target because of your haves and others have nots. The social media tip the infographic and article give is basically good opsec before TEOTWAWKI.

8. Things that make noise and alert you to danger will also be important as it may stop some intruders, but will at least give you some warning time and allow you to get your guns and weapons and find a tactical location to be in. 22 Caliber Ramset Sentry Alarms can be homemade and can be an easy homemade trip alarm that will make enough noise to either wake you up or scare the person.  Below is a video demonstrating how they work.  He sells them, but they can be homemade also.


These are just a few things I have thought of that could change how you secure your home and keep your self safe now as opposed to a TEOTWAWKI situation.  Let me know if you have some other ideas!


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  1. When TEOTWAWKI hits, it’s no use to keep your house safe.

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