Natural Disaster Safety Guide


FloodKnowing how to prepare for each type of natural disaster is a great thing.  In AZ where I am there really aren’t that many natural disasters that happen here.  The main thing we get is forest fires.  In 2010 a forest fire near our home cleared out many trees on our mountain allowing the rains to flow right down the mountain and flood some homes.  We also had never had a tornado that I had heard of until a few years ago.  It was about 15 miles outside of town and a camping world and most of its RVs were strewn all over the highway.  I had even seen a picture of a boat that had been hurled from a mans property onto and through the roof of a close neighbor.  Even in the safest areas there can always be a danger of natural disaster.  Being able to know what type of natural disaster may affect you can be very important.  Now if I was living in Florida preparing for a hurricane will be much more beneficial than preparing for a forest fire.

This is one of the reasons Jennifer has helped to write a natural disaster home safety guide.  The guide has some very pertinent information for most of the natural disasters that we face in the US.   The five natural disasters she discusses in depth are tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, flood and wildfires.  Take a look at this great resource here.

This guide is great because it gives ideas for three different stages of the disasters.  They tell you how to prepare for the disaster before it happens, what to do when it is happening and how to deal in the aftermath of the disaster.   Make sure to check out this comprehensive guide to make sure you are prepared for all of the different disasters that may affect your geographical area.

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I am Josh the owner of Beat The End. I am a prepper and trying to be more self sufficient. The most likely thing I am preparing for is an economic meltdown/civil unrest. I am a hunter, fisherman and outdoors man. I have also made a part of the website to explain and inform to my readers the importance of liberty and freedom and libertarianism. If you would like to see the political part of the site please go to

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One Response to Natural Disaster Safety Guide

  1. RangerRick says:

    I was in the Phoenix Az. area back in 83 with a Soldier of Fortune Convention. I was a medic / Security guy.
    I loved the area, had rattlesnake for breakfast one morning, it was sleeping between me and the fire, got lucky,I did not roll around in my sleep and I woke up before he did.
    There is so much more to living in an area like that, even for a day hike, I carried lots of water and some simple food to eat. Nice place.
    Being a flatlander from Indiana at that time I was use to you can see for miles. The country there, you can get lost in no time.

    One of your articles I was reading talked about a tornado coming through, same here. Being on an Disaster Response team in Indiana tornado’s were routine,but after moving to North Idaho, I found there was one on the mountain top right behind my home.I would have never guessed you could have a tornado up here.

    Anyway, great web site, hope to spend more time here,

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