7 Reasons Preppers should have a Garden!

It is about that time when your plants will start blooming.  So it is about that time to get the garden going.  This is one of my favorite times of year seeing More »

Managing Food Storage Wisely: Guest Post

At the heart of emergencies lies the fact that no one ever knows when they are going to hit. A sudden storm could ravage through town, or a local attack could put More »

9 Items in Your Bug Out Bag You Never Thought About

Here’s the problem with bug out bags: you fill them to the brim with all the essentials you think you need then, one day, you read an article or buy an eBook More »

Review: Granite Rocx Tahoe Day Pack (Tree Stand Pack)

I want to first thank Granite Rocx outdoor accessories for sending me one of their back packs to review.  The backpack I was sent is the Tahoe with detachable cooler.  This is More »

Practically Free Raised Garden Bed

Because Josh and I are trying our best to be less reliant on grocery stores, the government and outside services in general, a clear choice in becoming more self-sufficient was to start More »

Emergency Power Station Giveaway!

We have teamed up with Tin Hat Ranch to do a giveaway! Check out their site and enter the giveaway here.  Tin Hat Ranch finds some of the best prepper and survival links More »

Wearing Body Armor as Part of Your EDC

Your garage is home to piles and piles of food. Your home’s security is on point. All the weapons you need are safely stored. However, do you have the protection you need? More »

10 Dollar Store Prepper Finds!

Today Megan and I went to the Dollar Tree dollar store.  It is an actual dollar store and nothing over $1 (.99 Only stores seem to be a little better and have More »

EDC: Everyday Carry, What to Carry and Why!

EDC is simply short for Everyday Carry.  It refers to the things you have on you or in your pockets at all times.  As preppers we usually seem to have a few More »


Can You Be A Prepper and Not Be Self Sufficient?

survival phrases

In the world of prepping, self sufficiency is usually just a given, but are these two actually independent?  To really answer this question we need to understand each.   Here is what I believe each thing is and how they can be used together and apart.   Prepping:  “to study or train in preparation of something”.

Staying Fit as a Prepper: Gym Fit Vs. Prepper Fit

Staying fit as a prepper As preppers we normally think the physical things we have will be the things that will save us, but there is one thing  just as or more important than our storage stuff.  We need to keep fit in not just our body but our minds as well. Specifically, in this

Beat The End New Direction

To all my readers I apologize for my extended hiatus from writing and updating Beat The End.  I am now getting back on track with updating and bringing back useful information to all those interested in prepping and survival. I hope that some of the new things I plan to implement will help you and

Staying Healthy After a Disaster

Practicing good health and having a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important things you can do to combat emotional and physical stress following a disaster. A healthy body copes better than an unhealthy one – both physically and mentally- when trauma is involved. In order to maintain good health when life comes at

The Wayward Journey: Post Apocalyptic Book Review

  The Wayward Journey By:Nathan Hale His Website is www.abundantfuture.net. I personally am not a big reader of fiction, but there are a few things I really like.  The Wayward Journey was one of those books that I couldn’t put down.  It is definitely one of my favorite books and I can’t wait for the 2nd

Survival Pulse – An Online Preparedness Resource

Trying to become more prepared can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of blogs that publish useful information regularly, and new ones pop up each day. While it is great to have this information at your fingertips, it is difficult and time consuming to sort through it all to find the information you need. Survival

The Perfect Prepper Home

I apologize to my readers that I have not gotten out an article in a while.  I have been with busy with home projects as my wife and I just bought our first home two weeks ago.  As this is right now taking most of my time I thought a post about what a prepper

Benefits of Preppers Giving to Charity and Storing For Strangers.

I have heard from people and seen people commenting that being a prepper is a selfish lifestyle.  I personally don’t understand this mentality.  The first thing I think about when referring to selfishness is someone who only cares about themselves and will do anything to satisfy their own desires.    While there are selfish people

The Bible and Prepping

I have in the past talked about why prepping is beneficial not only to us as individuals, but also to our communities and society in general.  There are many in the prepper community who are Christians and would like to follow what God says in the Bible (If you are not Christian no problem,  but

7 Essential Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

Emergency Preparedness on the Highway: 7 Essential Items to Keep in Your Car If you’re like most car owners, chances are there’s some junk in your trunk. Time to clear it out and make space for some items that just might save your life one day. You probably think that you already have them—but then

Dan’s Depot Survival EDC Kit Giveaway! Check it out!

Our friends over at Dan’s Depot are having a great giveaway.  Win an Everyday Carry Survival kit with bag.  This is a great piece of equipment to have stored in your vehicle or anytime you go hiking. Click the picture above to enter. Don’t forget to check out all of the cool survival and prepper

Quick and Easy Ways to Store Rainwater in a Pinch

Water Containment Considering we need water to survive and the fact that our bodies are mostly made up of water, it is safe to say water is a pretty important part of our lives. We live in a society where water is readily available wherever we go. We have it on tap at home, there

Guns in a Failing Society


This is a discussion which has been going on for years should the general population have access to guns for self defense or does it just create more of a problem.  There are many people that feel that guns are barbaric and that because we live in such an advanced world and are so advanced

5 Steps for Food if Your Fridge Goes Out

Hollywood has done a great job of bringing attention to survival training. With movies about doomsday and zombies attacking, learning how to be prepared to cope with any disaster has become mainstream. There has been a definite spike in interest of survival prepping as well as urban preparedness.   One of the things you must

Prepping for Weather Disasters with Your Kids

As preppers we many times look at the worst of the worst scenarios whether that is total government collapse, EMP weapon, nuclear war or even a zombie apocalypse.  Many times weather disasters are more realistic and there usually seems to be one or two big ones each year.  In my state of Arizona we are

Gear Review: MSR Miniworks EX Portable Water Filter Video

One of the most important things to have in a disaster or TEOTWAWKI situation is fresh clean water.  There are many different ways to get fresh water, but it will definitely become sparse in those tough times.  There are also many different ways to make your water clean and drinkable from bleach, to boiling, to

Two Misunderstandings About Survival Skills Practice

Guest Post Because survival skills are a lot like any other physical activity, you need lots of training to improve your skills. However, there are two big misconceptions about training that you need to understand. Muscle memory and practice makes perfect are two common sayings that are not entirely accurate.   Practice Makes Perfect  

How to Build a Rocket Stove From Trash

Rocket Stove

What is a rocket stove? A rocket stove is basically a wood fire enclosure that directs the heat and fire to the pot or skillet that is on top of the stove.  By the name it sounds high tech and fancy but wood rocket stoves are actually quite simple in design and simple to make.

The Best of Survival Video Games

Though this may not be a conventional post about prepping or survival I think entertainment is good to have. I like to play video games and it is nice to find some survival based games even though there aren’t that many. I have listed a few of the games that I feel are great survival

Free Food Storage Buyers Guide

food guide

When you really first start prepping and are getting your food stocks going it can be overwhelming.  Knowing where to start and the benefits and limitations of your food storage will definitely help out in the future.  Preparewise.com has written a great in depth guide on some of the problems and how to pick your storage