Paravival Survival Bracelet Review

Survival bracelet 2

Survival BraceletI first want to send out a thank you to Nicholas at Paravival.  He was kind enough to give us a paracord bracelet to review.  First off I want to let everybody know how the customer service at Paravival is.  Nicholas did a great job answering any questions I had, and he also got the bracelet to me quite quickly.

For those of you who do not know what a survival bracelet is it is quite simple.  It is a bracelet made out of paracord. Paracord is a very durable cord that was used in parachutes in world war II. The most common paracord and the paracord used by Paravival is the Military 550 paracord which is held to military specifications and has a break strength of 550 pounds.  These bracelets can be easily taken apart and you will be left with 8-11 ft of paracord that can be used and then re-braided into a bracelet.

You may wonder why you would ever want or need a survival bracelet made with paracord.  There are many uses for paracord and many things that can be done in a pinch that may save your life.  Some of the great uses for paracord are as follows:

1. Repair clothing or a backpack

2. Help to make a shelter for the night

3. Used as fishing line

4. As a clothes line

5. Making a pulley system for heavy things

6. Tie stuff to a backpack

7. Secure people or animals

8. Make a trap to catch food

9. Secure things in a storm or in the back of a truck

10. Many many other uses


There are some reasons to buy all your paracord needs from Paravival.  Well first off like I have said before they have great customer service.  They also use only the highest quality military spec 550 Mil-C-5040 Type III paracord.  I actually already had another survival bracelet that I had gotten on Ebay, but this one is much much better.  There are a few reasons for this.  The buckle on this bracelet was much smaller than the other one I had so it was more comfortable.  They let me choose the colors and there can be up to three colors on one bracelet.  They have over 20 colors to suit your taste!  This bracelet is much easier to get apart than the other one I had, but not easy enough that it will fall apart.  They also have you measure your hand before you buy it so you get a great fit instead of one size fits all. (Sizing guide)  They also have a ton of other cool products.  I especially like their Paracord survival belt which is made similar to the the bracelet but has 60 ft of paracord and is adjustable.  They also have the cool survival watch that has 2 4-5′ long pieces and looks natural because it is functional as a watch.

So take a look at the many products from Paravival and tell Nicholas that Josh from Beat The End sent you!

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