Review: Granite Rocx Tahoe Day Pack (Tree Stand Pack)


I want to first thank Granite Rocx outdoor accessories for sending me one of their back packs to review.  The backpack I was sent is the Tahoe with detachable cooler.  This is definitely a backpack like you have never seen before.  While it may not really be a bugout pack or bag it could be used even as a small overnight camping bag or a great day pack to take out fishing.

From first glance it looks like a pretty standard day pack, but really has some great features you don’t see on packs of this type.  So first off I will just get to some of the Specs.  It is made with 420D ripstop nylon which is used in many high quality backpacks.

It really is two packs in one the first pack is actually a soft cooler.  It has 9 liters capacity which will hold 12 soda cans, when I used this for fishing I was able to fit 2 quite large nalgene bottles in the pack and it definitely does a better job than the side pockets for keeping the beverage cold.  The cooler portion of the backpack has a front and rear pocket, a strap as well as a longer shoulder strap that can be added.  It actually can attach and detach from the larger back pack with three side release buckles.  The only thing I would have liked to see is a 4th side release buckle at the bottom of the small pack so there is a little more strength and so it will stay put a little better.


The actual backpack area has many great features and pockets.  First off even though it isn’t a huge backpack I always like backpacks like this one that has chest and padded waist straps.  This sure makes it easier and more comfortable to go long distances with.  The bungee system in the front is great and I always like these to be able to carry a jacket or some piece of clothing outside the backpack as it leaves room inside the backpack.  While this is really not a camping backpack it still has the bottom straps which could be used to carry a sleeping bag, tent, sleeping pad or a camping chair.  I wouldn’t recommend anything too heavy to be tied to it as the straps are a little small, but it seems to do its job. The front pocket will hold a lot and could probably even fit a small water bladder if you like those.  The first actual compartment is just like your standard backpack, it is open and can actually fit a decent amount of things.  The last compartment is actually what really makes this backpack different from many backpacks.  This compartment essentially zips all the way down to the bottom of the pack and has three very long straps with side release buckles. While the company touts this as a way carry a flat folding chair what I really think it could be useful for is to carry a hunting tree stand.  There are probably many other things it could carry as you can see in the picture my small tree stand fit quite comfortably and hassle free into the backpack.  I walked a little ways and it was quite comfortable on my back and was quite snug with no movement.  While there are probably other things that could be carried like large instruments and some other things you might think of this was the most valuable thing I could find to use it for.  Too bad it doesn’t come in Camo, which really would make it a great tree stand bag. This is really a great deal at $65 as I have seen some tree stand bags or tree stand systems that hook to your backpack for way over $100.

Granite Rocx Tahoe Backpack

I have also included a video below to show you how the company uses it. This really is a great backpack to add to your collection as I bet you don’t have anything like it!  Check it out at


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Granite Rocx Tahoe Backpack for free from Granite Rocx Outdoor Accessories as coordinated by Outdoor PR  in consideration for review publication.

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