Gear Review: MSR Miniworks EX Portable Water Filter Video


MSR Miniworks EX ReviewOne of the most important things to have in a disaster or TEOTWAWKI situation is fresh clean water.  There are many different ways to get fresh water, but it will definitely become sparse in those tough times.  There are also many different ways to make your water clean and drinkable from bleach, to boiling, to iodine tablets, to (my favorite option) Water filters and purifiers.  I personally have the MSR Miniworks EX water filter and have put together a video review and use of the MSR Miniworks EX.  There are many other types of camping type water filters that are on the market that are probably just as good, but I really liked the reviews I saw on this filter when I bought it.

If you were to buy a camping water filter I would probably stick with the big brand names, because you don’t  want to get sick from a filter that doesn’t do its job.  Most work essentially the same way so it is more about preference than anything, but there are a few different types as well.  I would stick with MSR, Katadyn, First Need, Sawyer or Steripen(a much different type of purifier using uv rays instead of a ceramic filter).



The great features of the MSR Miniworks are as Follows:

  • 1 liter per minute speed( I say in the video it takes about 10 minutes to fill a bottle up, not sure why I said that because if you are pumping at a steady fast speed it only takes 1-3 minutes to fill up a bottle)
  • Field Maintainable
  • Cartridge life of up to 2000 liters
  • 0.45µ filter, which removes 99% of bacteria, and 99.999% of parasites (does not remove viruses)
  • Easily changeable filter (so stock up on these)
  • Fits onto standard wide mouth nalgene bottles for ease of use
  • Float on the end of tube to keep from getting large particles at the bottom of your water source
  • Small 7.5″ x 2.75″ and light 16 oz (1 lb)
  • Easy to pump
  • Durable

Below is the video to show you some of the features of the MSR Miniworks filter and just how easy to use it is.  If you have not seen a portable water filter in action and are worried about getting sick from drinking the water from these types of filters just watch the video to see how great they really are.

These filters really aren’t as expensive as you may think either.
Amazon has the MSR Miniworks EX filter for a little over $80.  Having some type of water filter should be one of our main concerns as preppers.

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3 Responses to Gear Review: MSR Miniworks EX Portable Water Filter Video

  1. I like the filter option but prefer to stick with something that will purify the water. In a disaster situation I would really be afraid of viruses. I carry a SteriPen with extra batteries and Chlorine Dioxide tabs as a backup.

    • Beat The End says:

      I don’t know if I said this in the video but it will not kill viruses. So there are many other ways from boiling to the steripen. If the water you are getting is from rainwater collection there is probably less chance it will have viruses. Try to get the cleanest water you can find even when filtering it. A filter plus a steripen may be your best bet.

  2. It would be great to add this to my kitchen. We have very hard well water and I know it would be a health conscience addition for our family. The video really great!

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