Gear Review: SafeGuard Armor Stealth Concealable Body Armor


IMG_0287I would first like to thank Anthony at SafeGuard Armor for giving me the chance to review his fantastic stealth body armor.

I personally had never worn or had body armor as I had just figured it was too big, bulky and heavy to wear on a daily basis. So when I received this stealth armor I was quite surprised and happy at how light it was. I was also quite pleased with how comfortable the vest was.

I thought it would be a good idea to really use the vest so I did a little experiment. No, I did not shoot myself or have someone else shoot me (even though the vest would stop the bullet, it would still hurt). I decided to wear it all day to work (yes, I do have a day job). I sit at a desk for most of the day so having something that is bulky and hot will not work. I normally wear medium or large sized polo shirts to work, so I decided to wear one of the large-sized shirts I normally wear to work. I decided not to tell anybody that I was wearing the vest just to see if it was noticeable. After two hours, I finally asked a few colleagues if I looked different or if there was something weird about me. The only thing they could think of was that I got a hair cut (I got a haircut last week). I talked to a few others and nobody even realized that I had been wearing body armor. After I showed them they said they could see the lines through my shirt when they were really looking for it, but it really looked just like an undershirt. The first attribute of it being concealable is absolutely true. If I had a jacket on over my shirt it would have been 100% invisible. This vest is also by no means bulky. Their website says this vest will be about 5.5 lbs, which does sound like a lot, because of how the weight is distributed I had no problem walking or
running with it on.

Front vest


side view vest

So the second attribute to test was the comfort of the vest. I wore this vest with no undershirt or tank top under it. One of the things I really like is the CoolMax mesh on the inside of the vest. This material is used in many high performance clothes used for running and other sports. I wore the vest for almost 10 hours and never had to take it off because I was getting too hot; I never even sweated in the vest. I also felt that I had almost full range of movement. Additionally, another interesting benefit is that wearing the vest forces you to have better posture.

These vests work by only covering your upper body to the top of your belly button so there are no problems trying to bend over. By only covering the torso to the belly button, the vest protects vital organs—which are all above the belly button.

The last thing to test was how well it does against a gunshot or a stab of a knife. I did not do this but it has been done by many reliable agencies. All vests by SafeGuard Armor use dupont Kevlar, which is a standard soft bullet proof material that has been used for many years. The body armor I was given had gun threat level II and stab level I. This particular vest will work against 9mm pistols and 357 mag pistols and lesser ammunition. They also carry higher end armor that stops up to a 44 mag as well as needles and the like. The vest also has zippers to remove the Kevlar to hand wash or to replace it.

Body armor specs

The Stealth Armor from SafeGuard is definitely a product I would recommend. I feel their prices are on par with most of the other body armor companies. I think the best part of this armor is that it is easily worn without being noticed. Being that the vest is so  comfortable it also could be worn daily without being a nuisance.

Check out SafeGuard Body Armor to see how you can protect yourself now.

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2 Responses to Gear Review: SafeGuard Armor Stealth Concealable Body Armor

  1. This reminds me of the first time I wore a concealed hand gun. Would anyone notice. Don’t worry I had the license. Anyway one day at lunch I wore a long barrel 44 magnum under one of my arms, a 45 automatic in a hip holster and I think I also had a 9mm in a leg holster. No one noticed a thing but looking back if anyone did they would have thought of me as a terrorist I am sure. I don’t do that anymore. Anyway the body armor with all the bombs, shootings and stabbings going on would probably be a pretty good thing to do. Thanks for the site and the info. Will be back for more.

    • Beat The End says:

      Ya I was more nervous about having it on and people thinking I was crazy. People that I actually showed thought it was pretty cool. Oh you should move to AZ we don’t even need a ccw license to carry concealed.

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