Survival with Freeze Dried Foods


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[INFOGRAPHICS] The Health Benefits of Freeze Drying Foods

Freeze dried food is identified as food that is void of water. The process of freeze drying food, which is also known as lyphilization, helps to extend its shelf-life. Freeze dried food is flash frozen. Then it is placed in a vacuum with all the moisture being removed by evaporation of the ice. Afterwards, the food is packed to make sure that no oxygen or moisture can reach its contents. Since the bacteria that causes food to spoil needs water, freeze dried food will last a lot longer than regular food because these type bacteria need water to survive. Freeze drying food takes the water weight out and makes this type of food lighter than regular food. This makes freeze dried food easier to carry and pack and store more of it while being very beneficial when dealing with any type of survival situation. Because of its long shelf life, whatever food is not used during a camping trip or survival scenario, it can be readily saved for another time.

When you have limited access or no access to things like a refrigerator, oven or stove, freeze dried food can be very essential for survival. Whether you are out in the wilderness camping or prepping for some type of disaster, freeze dried foods offer an easy way to provide sustenance for survival. There is a wide variety of freeze dried foods to choose. They include snack foods like fruit and ice cream and even full meals like pancakes and eggs or spaghetti and meatballs.
The process of freeze drying food preserves its flavor and nutrition due to no heat damage experienced to the product. The food is precooked and preparing a meal is rather quick and easy. The rehydration process is fast with minimal shrinkage as the food usually retains the majority of its original size.

In the past and for some even now, most people thought that freeze dried foods were only the types of food that the military used. That type was, although sufficient, was not that desirable. Freeze dried food has become much more edible now. We’ve most commonly known freeze dried foods such as instant coffee, the vegetables found in dried soup packets and herbs and spices. There is much more variety with the types of freeze dried food available these days. Some of the types of freeze dried food you can get now are apple cinnamon cereal, pasta alfredo, chili macaroni, beef stroganoff, tortilla soup, teriyaki and rice, tomato basil soup, cheesy lasagna, creamy pasta and vegetable rotini and cheesy macaroni. You only need to add water and the food is ready to eat.

Whether you are camping, hiking or the unfortunate victim of a natural disaster, freeze dried food will benefit you greatly since you may not have access to power or running water. In disaster situations, there’s no telling how long one would be without these basic amenities. The benefit of long shelf life ensures that your freeze dried food will take many years before it perishes. As long as you have some clean water to use to rehydrate the freeze dried food, you will have the essential nutrients to stay healthy and energized.

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