Survival Phrases Used in the Prepper and Survival Community

survival phrases

Survival Phrases to Learn

survival phrases

There are survival phrases, words, terms and acronyms used in the prepper community that can be confusing or not known by some new to it.  To better understand this blog I have compiled a list of survival phrases.  As I think of more survival phrases I will add them to the list.  These are some of the most popular.

  • Beat The End- Trying to beat the end is what we strive for.  This website gives you help to survive during disasters, but also can help you survive if you end up lost and away from the civilized world.  Many of the things taught in this blog can also benefit you while camping.


  • Prepper- Simply this is someone who is preparing.  This survival phrase has really taken off in the past few years.  There are so many shows these days about preppers from “Doomsday Preppers” to “Doomsday Bunkers”.  This is usually a term used to describe someone who is preparing for a disaster or a societal or economic shift that changes life drastically.  Sometimes people may feel someone who is a “prepper” is kind of nuts, but if you think about it a person who puts money into a 401k to live off of when they get older is a financial prepper.  The financial prepper does not know if they are even going to be alive, but they do it anyway.  The prepper we are talking about here doesn’t know if there will be an economic or societal breakdown, but they still prepare.
  • Survivalist- The term Survivalist is sometimes used synonymous to prepper.  I personally see a survivalist as a person that is usually a minimalist trying to live with as little as possible.  I believe most survivalists are preppers.  The one thing I think that differs between a prepper and a survivalist prepper is that the survivalist has already started living as if there was a disaster. Whereas a prepper is just preparing if the time ever does come.  The term survivalist often has a bad connotation and has been demonized in the media.
  • Beans, Bullets and Bandaids- The survival phrase beans, bullets and bandaids eludes to the pure necessities of life.  I have written a post on this topic.  Beans are the food, water and shelter, Bullets relates to freedom, protection and weapons, and bandaids signifies health and medical supplies.
  • EDC- “Every Day Carry” This refers to the items you carry on your person.  This could be a gun, altoid survival kit, knife, and any other item you carry with you at all times.
  • TEOTWAWKI- This survival phrase stands for “The End Of The World As We Know It”.  This phrase actually comes from a song by the same name sung by REM.  This phrase relates to the change in the world if there was a major disaster, or a societal and economic change that leads to a totally different lifestyle.  TEOTWAWKI could be caused by many different things for instance, nuclear attacks, terrorism, economic collapse, social unrest, political policies, natural disasters,  anEMP, and other unforeseen problems.
  • TSHTF or SHTF- This Abbreviation means “The S**t hits the fan” and “S**t hits the fan”.  These survival phrases refer to a time when things have gone crazy.  This is also related to TEOTWAWKI.  This normally is referring to a huge disaster or massive civil unrest that normally has massive riots and violence.
  • FAK- This is just an abbreviation for “first aid kit”.  Every prepper should have a first aid kit as medical help may be non-existent if TSHTF.
  • BOB- Bug Out Bag- This is a bag of supplies that can be easily retrieved and used when you have to travel to a safer location.
  • GHB- Get Home Bag- This is basically the opposite of a bug out bag.  This bag of supplies will help get you from your current location back to your home.
  • HAM Radio- The Acronym HAM has never truly been defined. The HAM radio is an amateur radio that can be operated by amateurs to communicate with other HAM operators around the world.  You will need a HAM operators license.
  • EMP- An “Electro Magnetic Pulse” refers to a military weapon that can be used to disable electronic devices with computer boards.
Here is a link to a glossary of survival phrases that is more in depth and has many survival phrases that man people wouldn’t ever know or use.

Like anything there are survival phrases that are important to preppers and should be learned.

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