9 Crucial Tips to Survival


When thinking about what we need to survive, there are many things that come to mind.  By following these 9 crucial tips from Don Mann, ex navy seal at Huffington Post, you will have a much easier time surviving when lost or if a disaster of some kind occurs.  Most of Don’s tips really focus on preparing.  Only a few of the tips actually deal with materials, and most of the survival tips are mental and emotional preparation.  Most of his tips also focus on the importance of gaining knowledge before you are actually in a disastrous situation.


Having the will to live is probably the most important thing we need during a survival situation.  There are many people that have lived through situations that most people wouldn’t just because of their attitude toward a situation. Never giving up and always having the will to live are some of the most important steps in staying alive during a disastrous situation.  If or when you ever get to the point of giving up, there really would not be much hope left. The movie “127 Hours” really illustrates this well as the only thing keeping him alive is his will to live.  When we are in desperate situations we will probably take desperate measures.


Most of the tips discussed in his article are about gaining knowledge prior to the situation.  What is great about gaining knowledge is that it can many times be just as or more important than the materials and tools you have.  A tool really is worthless if you don’t know how to use it.  If you don’t have the tool but know what the purpose of the tool is you may be able to make something that works from the resources available on hand.


One of the most important tips to believe is: “The only person you can count on is yourself”.  If you are a person of faith, it may be beneficial for you to believe that you can also rely on God. The crux of the matter is, don’t rely on someone else or the government to rescue you, because by that time it may be too late.


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