Top 10 Dumbest Gun Quotes by Politicians!


I don’t do to many of these, but every now and then it is good to have these just for fun articles. As most people know there are many politicians who make laws either based on emotion or things they have no idea about.  One of the biggest areas we see this today is when making gun control laws.  I will admit there are probably those on the pro gun side that don’t really know about guns as well because they may be Washington bureacrats, but they are also not the ones needing to justify logically the reasons for restricting rights.  So I have compiled a list with videos of what I think are the dumbest things that politicians for gun control have said in the past.  I have also added some funny memes that poke fun at these politicians.  Most all of them are because of their incompetence about knowledge of guns while making laws, but there are also a few that are dumb as they are very hypocritical and do not practice what they preach.  I hope this gives you a laugh, but also shows you some of the incompetence in Washington when making laws.  If we see the incompetence here just on things as fairly simple as guns what other incompetence do you think there is when they make laws regarding much more complex issues including finance, healthcare, the economy and a host of other problems?  As self defense is one of the main pillars of prepping I feel this is very relevant to the prepping community as many are gun owners and realize that their safety and ability to defend is helped by having a gun as one of their many tools.

10) Dianne Feinstein & Ted Cruz debate at a hearing.

This first is probably the least ridiculous of the bunch, but I had to put 2 Feinstein videos as she seems to be the one politician (other than Bloomberg who is not a politician now) who tries to talk gun control at every turn.  This is just a debate between Ted Cruz and Feinstein during a hearing.  The main thing I see is she is using emotion but she also talks about exploding ammunition and severed body parts not common with an AR-15.


9) Leland Yee Talks about not having Assault Weapons in the Hands of the People

If you do not know Leland Yee a Democrat State Senator from California who is a big advocate of gun control was recently arrested and indicted on many different charges including gunrunning charges that stem from setting an undercover cop up with ways to get not only guns but rocket launchers from an Islamic Terrorist group.  All of this was happening during the same time that he was putting on the facade of wanting to help people and keep people safe by restricting guns.  He is quite hypocritical and it can be a great thing to show that gun control is more about control than actually about safety.

Leland yee

8) Dianne Feinstein believes she needs a gun but you don’t. Hypocritical don’t you think?

This is the second video with Dianne Feinstein.  In this hearing regarding terrorism she goes on to talk about how a militant type domestic terrorist group terrorized her family.  She also explains that she was scared so she got a concealed permit and she carried all the time because she was going to shoot them before they shot her.  Personally I think that is great that she carried a gun, but being the politician who has taken the lead on gun control and advocating what guns people should have she comes off as extremely hypocritical.  So hopefully we can see through all the ruses she seems to propose.

Dianne Feinstein Hypocrite


Dianne Feinstein Dangerous


7) You can be shot by an unloaded gun?

Sandy Sheedy, a city councilwoman from Sacramento, seems to believe that you can be shot by an unloaded gun.  She is speaking regarding a new law that allows you to carry an unloaded pistol(seems dumb to carry it unloaded in my honest opinion).  I personally have never heard of anybody being shot by an unloaded gun.  It must be those ghost bullets.  This is the reason you unload your gun when you want to clean it as then it will no longer shoot.

6) Buy a Shotgun!

Good old Joe Biden is always good for a laugh.  It is kind of sad we haven’t heard too much out of him lately because it was always interesting.  When Obama appointed Biden as one of the main heads of his gun control campaign I think most people on both sides knew it wasn’t too serious.  In this interview Biden discusses why you would not want an assault weapon and why a double barrel shotgun will do you just fine.  There are many mistakes with his example and assumptions he makes.  Personally the shotgun can be a great defense weapon, but may not be the best for every situation.  Here are the problems I have.  He tells his wife to go outside and shoot two shots into the air.  The 5 problems are if you shoot the 2 shots you are out of ammo and you can’t shoot if the intruders want to keep coming, shooting randomly into the air is unsafe, shooting a warning shot may get you arrested and jailed, and forth if you only have a double barrel shotgun, if there are 3 or more intruders you may not have enough rounds even if you haven’t fired indiscriminately into the air, the 12 gauge may be too powerful for the person and the AR-15 or some other gun may suit them better.



Joe Biden shoot your gun in the air
5)Incendiary rounds are heat seeking rounds.

In this video Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington is talking about a 50 caliber rifle.  She says that it is not used to shoot a deer which is correct, but then she starts talking about the incendiary rounds.  This is where she loses any sense of authority she may have on the subject.  An incendiary round is one that the projectile has a compound inside of it that is flammable and explosive.  So these rounds explode and help with heavier armor penetration.  Eddington somehow believes these rounds are actually heat seeking and will find there target even if you are off target or she has no idea at all what she is talking about and is just spouting some “scary” words.  That I know of the military do not have anything like this let alone civilians (I bet the military is experimenting with it as they have some “smart” gun technology).


4) What is the difference between semi auto and automatic?

You better believe that former Mayor, quajilionaire and gun control specialist Michael Bloomberg would make this list.  It seems that the word “assault weapon”  was only made up to confuse people.  (An assault weapon is semi auto with detachable magazine and some random cosmetic features politicians decide on and this came about in the 80s.  An assault rifle is actually a selectable fire weapon so it can be full automatic it comes from the word sturmgewehr which is a type of weapon used by the Germans in WW2 and it translates to “storm rifle” or “assault rifle”.)  Even the politicians who are in favor of these bans seemed to get confused by what it means.  So the reason this is number 4 on the list is not as much because it is so surprising he doesn’t know, but because he is figuratively backhand slapped by the reporter and she has to tell him he doesn’t know what he is talking about.  He also has no idea that there are fully automatic pistols.  He is also notorious for having a squad of bodyguards around him at all times.


3) High Capacity Magazines are Bullets?

Representative Diana Degette has a great idea for decreasing the amount of high capacity magazines on the streets.  She seems to have 100% fundamental understand of guns, magazines and ammunition. She believes that ammunition and magazines are the same thing.  So if you were to ban anymore sale of high cap magazines all you need to do is wait until the magazines are all used up.  She seems to not know that magazines are actually what the ammunition is loaded into and that they are not one time use items.  I kind of feel bad for her that she even thinks this.  Has she never even seen a movie that has guns in it or has she done zero research on anything about guns, but hey you can’t feel too bad as the information is one Google search away and she maybe just willfully ignorant.


diana degette

2) Isn’t a barrel shroud the shoulder thing that goes up?

This is probably one of the more well know remarks.  Carolyn Mccarthy a representative of New York was being interviewed by Tucker Carlson about a previous gun control bill she sponsored, but she seems to not even understand the bill or what she is trying to ban.  She is asked what a barrel shroud is and why it should be banned and she seems to not even know what it is.  She believes a barrel shroud is “the shoulder thing that goes up”  and Carlson’s reply is priceless “No it’s not”.  She also makes another false assumption within this interview.  She thinks that the assault weapons and weapons with barrel shrouds were the most common guns of gangs to kill police with.  It seems if we look at murder rates by types of guns rifles in general are only used 1% of the time, but pistols are used much more often and seem to be the choice of gang members. (Nope I’m not for banning pistols either)






1) Ban the “Ghost Guns”!!!

This is definitely my all time favorite and it actually is pretty recent.  California Senator Kevin De Leon is holding a press conference advocating against assault weapons when he describes a weapon he is holding.  Not one of the words he uses means anything and it is just a bunch of words smashed together to make it scary.  First of all he calls it a ghost gun.  I have no idea where he got this term.  I have never heard of it and don’t know what he means.  In the next part he talks about the magazine.  I think he wants to say it is a 3o round magazine that can be shot within half a second.(The gun does not have a cycling rate high enough to do this feat so this is not true.) He starts labeling this a 30caliber(actually .223/556) clip then says it is a 30 magazine clip.  He is all over the place if he had just called the magazine a clip because even though it is not correct people who are even gun owners use it, it would not be as ridiculous.  Instead De Leon tries to use a bunch of words together and just embarrasses himself.  The first video is of what De Leon actually said.  The second video is a great video essentially a parody of how a 30 caliber magazine clip would look.  It is pretty brilliant.



2nd ghost gun

ghost gun
I hope you guys enjoyed this article because it was really fun to write.  Here is one more fun meme below.  It is probably the most deadly gun you will find.  If you have any other dumb comments by politicians regarding guns just let me know in the comments section or if you just think I was wrong on my rankings let me know!



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