Is a zombie apocalypse possible?


This question has been asked quite a bit recently.  With the emergence of shows like “The Walking Dead” and movies like “Zombieland”, this end of the world disaster scenario has been reawakened.  Since this new craze, there have been quite a few new zombie killing related survival products to hit the market, from zombie ammunition to zombie killing blades and swords.


It is good to be prepared for any situation, but not even knowing what a zombie apocalypse would include, it seems that preparing for it may be kind of outlandish.  I think having your normal survival equipment would probably be enough.  You most likely will already have a high amount of ammunition and other types of machetes and things that could be fashioned for killing zombies.  When we have so many other more realistic disasters or economic problems to worry about, it seems kind of silly to be worrying so much about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.


Let’s just say a zombie apocalypse did happen (which can be fun to think about, but probably not so much fun if you were actually in the situation), how would the zombies act?  Are they fast, slow, semi- intelligent? Are their senses the same as humans?  These are all things we would really need to know before having a total battle plan.  A zombie apocalypse would take a huge amount of adaptation.  So preparing in detail for this disaster also seems unlikely.  There really is no evidence in history that anything close to this has happened, and most likely, it never will.


I will say that the recent “zombie-like” attacks were quite disheartening.  Though the reasons were most likely drugs or imbalances in the person, their actions can make people believe that these deranged people were actually zombies.  I would be more inclined to believe that these people were still alive and just had many problems.  I could see a type of virus outbreak that could make people act crazy and aggressively, such as rabies as it can make a person act crazy if not treated.  So even though it may not be zombies, this type of erratic behavior can spawn panic among many people.


It is interesting that even a newspaper would be talking about a zombie apocalypse.  Maybe it will get other people thinking about general prepping instead of just preparing for a zombie apocalypse.


The link is the story on how to be prepared for a zombie apocalypse.


Another story regarding a zombie apocalypse being possible is found here.  I like this article because it goes into the more scientific reasons that a zombie apocalypse will most likely not occur.


Is a zombie apocalypse possible? What do you think?  Leave a comment with your take on the whole zombie apocalypse disaster scenario and situation.

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